Unplug from the Matrix: Loving Yourself

6/12/2021 Recording

Why is it so difficult to acknowledge, love, and accept ourselves? Why do we always believe that we somehow need to change or adjust in order to feel loved and accepted? Why do we believe that our body is not attractive enough, that we are not good enough, that we are unworthy of happiness, that we do not deserve to achieve nourishing and loving relationships? Why do we always compare ourselves to others, to their success and the amount of money they make? Why are we just not able to be centered peacefully in our own being and our life?

The answers often lie in parental and societal programming that we have been subjected to while growing up, and the subtle controlling influence of the mass media. These programs make it difficult for us to truly listen to our heart´s wisdom and feel comfortable in our own skin.

In this group healing, we will focus on removing the controlling influences by these negative programs. We will deepen our loving relationship with ourselves, looking at our individual "perfection in imperfection" and strengthening the connection with our inner light - the true center of our Being.

Welcome more self-love into your life this Christmas - perhaps your most valuable X-mas gift of all 🙂

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