Unplug from the Matrix: Ancestral Karma

22/11/2021 Recording

Some things just seem to run in families – or in your own life. Seemingly without an obvious reason, and without an easy solution. Bad luck. Money problems. Losing property. Alcoholism. Inherited diseases. Abortions. Suicides. Unhealthy family traits. Violence. Accidents. Tendency to self-sabotage. Sometimes these patterns are so strong, that they end up governing our lives, while we feel like puppets at the hands of merciless fate.

In other cases, these patterns might be present in a subtler form, on an emotional level, causing constant distress, with us never being truly happy and free. Perhaps you know the feeling: there is always something holding you back, but you can´t pinpoint what.

On the physical level, you might be experiencing and repeating the same diseases and maladies as your parents, grandparents, or grand grandparents. The question is - why? Have you ever wondered where these patterns in your life stem from? And how to release them?

In this group healing, we will delve into the fascinating topic of epigenetic, seen in the light of ancestral karma being expressed through your life patterns and your genes. To help you understand and release some of those stubborn patterns, that you always thought were part and parcel of your life.

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