Unplug from the Matrix: Dealing with Fear

8/11/2021 Recording

We have been taught that fear is a natural human emotion.. But is it really that natural after all? Or have we been conditioned to believe so and accept it as an unconditional truth?

In this online Unplug From the Matrix event, we will be exploring the nature of fear as a dark shadow in our natural divine consciousness. We will look at different types of fears in our society and ourselves, and neutralize them as we move through the subtle layers of fearful conditioning that we have been subjected to throughout our lives.

We will look into the seemingly all-devouring nature of fearful emotions etched into your energy body and your memories. The kind of memories and emotions that overtake you, hold you in their grip and suck your life force from you while doing so. And we are going to elegantly and peacefully transform them into a different frequency, that is much more aligned with your true divine nature.

Because you are not your fear and your fear is not you. Fear is an illusion. And the more we shine our light on who and what we truly are as the universal source of love, the less room can fear to have in our consciousness and our lives, as we go about our daily business of truly being the best version of ourselves.

Minimum price to access the recording:
50 DKK

In order to make these events accessible for everybody, you are asked to pay for the event, but the price is not fixed. You decide how much you are able to contribute according to your financial situation.