Unplug from the Matrix: Releasing Trauma

18/10/2021 Recording

There are small traumas and large traumas in our life... no matter which size and intensity, they have one thing in common: they are stored deeply in our body, in our mind, our energy system, and our spirit.

Typically, when you experience something traumatic, a part of you gets frozen outside of this physical space and time, and you never really regain that part of you. It is still out there, unreachable, while you struggle to keep living your life here on Earth as a whole human being. This results in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, not being comfortable with your surroundings, feeling of being inadequate, feeling of something missing, not really wanting to be here, lacking being grounded on the physical plane, etc.

On the physical level, traumas are often stored in those parts of your body which try to get your attention with pain or discomfort. Have you for example ever thought about, where your chronic digestion problems come from, or what your headaches are connected to?

If you are not fully present in your body due to traumatized parts of you missing from your energy field, somebody or something else will be more than happy and eager to fill in that space instead of your own life energy.

In this group session, we will be addressing the energy of trauma, removing the spell that keeps it bound out there in no man´s land and reinstalling that part of your consciousness firmly back into your physical body. Back into here and now.
Welcome to a journey of deep healing.

Price: Pay what you can.

In order to make these events accessible for everybody, you are asked to pay for the event, but the price is not fixed. You decide how much you are able to contribute according to your financial situation.