Unplug from the Matrix: Removing Pollutants From Your Body

04/10/2021 Recording

In this group session, we will focus on the energetic frequencies in your body, that correspond to the frequencies of known and unknown pollutants - heavy metals, plastic, different types of particles, chemical substances in hygiene products and other environmental pollutants that come up as the priority in this session.

The importance of cleansing on the physical level should not be underestimated, as the pollutants are known, in clinical practice, to be related to major symptoms of diseases in our modern society, Everything from migraines, poor digestion, anxiety, depression, pains in the body etc.

Moreover, they keep our brain and our individual consciousness in a very low frequency band, where our thoughts and emotions run in an ineffective loop and where we never truly reach our full human potential. As the frequency of these pollutants interferes with the natural flow of energy in our body.

Get ready for a detox of your body and your mind 🙂

Price: Pay what you can.

In order to make these events accessible for everybody, you are asked to pay for the event, but the price is not fixed. You decide how much you are able to contribute according to your financial situation.