Unplug from the Matrix: Finding Your Path in Times of Trouble

20/09/2021 Recording

Feeling powerless and confused in the face of global crisis and looming disasters?
We all have our own individual path and our own individual frequency stamp. But this vital information often gets scrambled in our inner and outer chaos. In the end we end up unsure who we are and what to do. Moreover, our energy signature is often entangled with the energy of those around us.
When your own inner frequency is loud and clear, fear has a hard time clinging onto your system, because you know your power does not reside in the manifested, physical world. You are then able to see through the veil of fear and deceptions, access your own fundamental frequency and find your own personal path in these challenging times.
This group session will focus on neutralizing and transforming fear, enabling you to sense who you really are at your deepest core. We will be disentangling your personal energy from the others´. When you gain access to your energy core and your inner guidance, you instinctively know what needs to be done, in any situation.

Minimum price to access the recording:
50 DKK

In order to make these events accessible for everybody, you are asked to pay for the event, but the price is not fixed. You decide how much you are able to contribute according to your financial situation.