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Unplug from the Matrix: Loving Yourself

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SNEAK PEEK-Loving Yourself

Unplug from the Matrix: Loving Yourself

Christmas is approaching quickly. Here in Denmark, we have a saying that "Christmas is the celebration of hearts". And this is very true. It is a time of the year when we try to return to the basic values of love in our hearts, celebrating being together with others.

But really, every single day of your life should be a heart celebration, like Christmas. Every single day, you should be living in a state of self love and self-respect. Because if you are not able to live in peace with yourself and accept yourself on all levels, you will have a hard time truly accepting other people around you.

In this group healing, we will focus on removing the controlling influences by these negative programs. We will deepen our loving relationship with ourselves, looking at our individual "perfection in imperfection" and strengthening the connection with our inner light - the true center of our Being.

Welcome more self-love into your life this Christmas - perhaps your most valuable X-mas gift of all 🙂

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